644 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

The Rainbow Room

As Sydney comes alive with light and colour across the VIVID period, so too will World Square with our very own Vivid-inspired installation, The Rainbow Room. From the 27th May - June 18th, step into the four walls of The Rainbow Room and be transported from day to night, where coloured lights and mirrored walls will take you on a magical sensory experience.

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Entry to The Rainbow Room is free and doesn't require a booking. See dates and times below.

Friday May 27th | 11am-5pm

Saturday May 28th | 12-4pm

Sunday May 29th | 12-4pm

Monday 30th May | 12-4pm

Tuesday 31st May | 12-4pm

Wednesday 1st June | 12-4pm

Thursday 2nd June | 12-8pm

Friday 3rd June | 12-4pm

Saturday 4th June | 12-4pm

Sunday 5th June | 12--4pm

Monday 6th June | 12-8pm

Tuesday 7th June | 12-8pm

Wednesday 8th June | 12-8pm

Thursday 9th June | 12-8pm

Friday 10th June | 12-8pm

Saturday 11th June | 12-10pm

Sunday 12th June | 12-8pm

Monday 13th June |12-8pm

Tuesday 14th June | 12-8pm

Wednesday 15th June | 12-8pm

Thursday 16th June | 12-8pm

Friday 17th June | 12-8pm

Saturday 18th June | 12-10pm