644 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

SEDITION Art Festival 2020

SEDITION Art Festival 2020

More than just pictures, the SEDITION 2020 art trail starts Thursday 15 October - Saturday 14 November. ⁣

Populating 16 shopfront windows on the corner of George and Liverpool St at World Square, this exciting project will stimulate debate in the community.⁣ ⁣

Explore the beautiful SEDITION art trail starting at World Square (Cnr George & Liverpool St), the HSBC bank foyer (724/728 George St), then up to Pass~Port at 16 Oxford Square, followed by 100 Oxford Street, the Eternity Playhouse foyer, (39 burton St, Darlinghurst) and the Grandiflora window on 12 Macleay St Elizabeth Bay.

The artists who have joined the exhibition include: Imants Tillers, Brooke Andrew, Blak Douglas, Reg Mombassa, Julie Rapp, Luke Sciberras Tamara Dean, Claudia Chan Shaw, Jason Wing, Destiny Deacon, Stu Spence, Toby Zoates, Meg Hewitt, Anne Zahalka, Fiona Lowry and Fiona Hall.

See where the art trail goes here.

Image by Tamara Dean - Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) in Spring, 2017 Courtesy of the artist & Michael Reid, Sydney