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Night procession of the Hundred Demons

Night procession of the Hundred Demons

From 13 February to 8 March, we are proud to host an installation of augmented reality created by Sydney-based illustrator and designer, Kentaro Yoshida - in association with the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ major exhibition, Japan Supernatural.

The artwork featured is the mural, ‘Night procession of the hundred demons’, where Kentaro celebrates an array of yōkai, wild and mysterious creatures from Japanese folklore, in a four-part mural displayed at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for a limited time only.

Experience a taste of Kentaro’s artwork live in the Square and bring the mysterious creatures to life through augmented reality!

Follow these steps:

1. Scan the QR code to download the Eyejack app

2. Hold your smartphone camera in front of the mural using the app

3. Ensure the full artwork is in your screen

4. Watch the yōkai come to life on your smartphone!

Don’t forget to share your moment with ‘Night procession of the hundred demons’ in augmented reality on social media for your chance to WIN a double pass to the Japan supernatural exhibition!*

Make sure you #WSqArt #JapanSupernatural!

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