644 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

NAIDOC Week 2019

World Square will be celebrating NAIDOC Week in 2019 by inviting highly esteemed visual artist, Blak Douglas to create a bespoke NAIDOC week mural in the Square.

From as early as the 1920’s Aboriginal rights groups boycotted Australia Day in protest against the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians, however it became increasingly apparent that the wider Australian population was unaware.

In 1938 protesters marched through the streets of Sydney and formed one of the world’s first civil rights movements which would later be known as the Day of Mourning. The event was later extended to a week and used as an opportunity not just for protest but to celebrate Aboriginal culture.

Today NAIDOC Week has become an increasingly important event celebrated in July to highlight the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people. This year’s celebration extends from Sunday 7 July to Saturday 13 July and Blak Douglas will be creating a NAIDOC mural at World Square on Tuesday 9 July and Wednesday 10 July.


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