644 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

James Jirat Patradoon: ULTRA

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art presents for Lunar New Year 2021 the 14th solo exhibition of Thai-Australian multidisciplinary artist James Jirat Patradoon.

Commissioned as part of Sydney Lunar Festival 2021, ULTRA reinterprets traditional and contemporary Chinese Zodiac iconography into an immersive installation experience. Curated by 4A’s Con Gerakaris, and drawing upon Eastern and Western graphic concepts spanning manga, tattoo illustrations and product design, Patradoon's encompassing murals and installation work reframe the 2021 Zodiac symbol of the Metal Ox.

Reflecting upon the cycle of rebirth each new year, the artist has composed hypercoloured scenes of life and death as acts in a fictionalised Chinese opera. Featuring compositions of Yama, Buddhism's wrathful King of Hell, facing off against an anthropomorphised chrome-clad ox fan dancer, the scene also reveals an otherworldly beast and a bewitching leading lady in performance grandeur. These striking characters flank the centrepiece of ULTRA: a wicked, customised motorcycle assemblage adorned with an ox skull. Taking cues from his well-known illustrative practice, Patradoon's first sculptural work rides his signature line between realism and fantasy heightened by mesmeric lighting to challenge the viewer's experience of viewing art.

With murals, painting and installation taking cues from graphic design, anime, and tattoo illustration, James takes the Year of the Metal Ox to the next level. Catch the exhibition from 29 January - 28 February on the corner of George and Goulburn.

As part of the exhibition, 4A will host a panel talk with Patradoon on Saturday 13 February, followed by Patradoon’s digital illustration workshop on Saturday 27 February.

James Jirat Patradoon: ULTRA is commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art as part of the City of Sydney’s Sydney Lunar Festival.