644 George Street Sydney NSW 2000


From Japan to the world.

With locations in Japan and worldwide, Yayoi is ready to serve ‘Teishoku’, traditional Japanese set meals, at World Square. Our Teishoku deliver the perfect combination of dishes and delicious steamed rice all on one tray, the staple and foundation of Japanese cuisine. The Teishoku is traditionally accompanied by miso soup, a main dish or meat or fish with side dishes of vegetables and ‘tsukemono’ pickles. The most distinctive quality of our Teishoku is that it offers you the best balanced arrangement of meat, vegetables and fish you can imagine. “YAYOI” has grown up in close contact with Japanese food culture for over 130 years. In 1886, the predecessor of ""Yayoi Ken"" opened in Tokyo during the Meiji Restoration, when western dishes gradually merged into the Japanese food culture. Following its own evolution, the source of the modern Japanese diet was born. “Yayoi Ken”, which has many stores throughout Japan, offers a crossroads of the Japanese food culture that was born in this way. And it is ""YAYOI"" that was born to expand the delicious food culture of Japan, to the world.