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New Arrivals at Peter Alexander

Are you bored of your boring old pyjamas? Are you looking to spice up your loungewear or undergarments with themes from your favourite TV classics? We’re pleased to announce that you’re in luck! World Square’s Peter Alexander store is brimming with new arrivals that are sure to get you feeling nostalgic about your favourite shows from the ‘90s and noughties. Looking to team your next Seinfeld marathon with matching track pants and a t-shirt? We’ve got you covered. Our new offerings include the following lines catering for men, women and children.

Friends Collection

How you doin’? With a pair of gorgeous Friends-themed pyjamas in your basket, the answer is sure to be “fantastic!” We have items available for every type of Friends fan, from sweatshirts featuring the unmistakable Central Perk logo to Turkey Fez slippers that’ll have your friends doubled-up with laughter.

Seinfeld Collection

Seinfeld was a solid-gold ‘90s classic that many of us are proud to binge on in 2021. Demonstrate your continued commitment to the show by purchasing a set of playful Seinfeld pyjamas, available in full-length and ¾ options. Alternatively, why not initiate newbies into the Seinfeld fanbase with our cute baby onesies?

Where the Wild Things Are Collection

Are you looking to unleash your wild side in the comfort of your own home? Snap up a set of Where the Wild Things Are pyjamas or a onesie before they’re all gone! They feature classic illustrations and beautiful blue and pink colour schemes, and these pieces represent the ultimate in chic sleepwear.

Bluey-themed pieces

‘What’s Bluey?’, we hear you cry. Since its creation in 2018, this Australian animated show has become a viral hit amongst youngsters and adults alike. Show off your knowledge of pop culture with our irresistibly cosy Bluey-themed pyjama sets, sweaters, and nighties for all ages and genders.

This line is perfect if you’re a puppy lover or simply a fan of cute animations. What’s more, dog owners can team their stash of Bluey-themed gear with our fun gifts for dogs and pups.

Looney Tunes-themed pieces

If childhood nostalgia is what you’re after, pick up a piece from our Looney Tunes line. Bugs Bunny has never been more of a fashion icon!

Bring your favourite TV shows to life and brighten your winter PJ’s collection with Peter Alexander’s new range! Find them on Ground, opposite Kingswood Coffee.